iDirect VSAT for Africa

Space Engineering Ltd provides iDirect networks all over Africa. iDirect VSAT technology allows for more bandwidth capacity ideally suited for advanced and bandwidth demanding enterprise applications to support existing vertical markets such oil and gas, banking and mining companies among others. By utilising the versatile iDirect technology we are able to provide high-speed data and broadband internet over VSAT in Africa. In addition iDirect network from Space Engineering Ltd offer support to core business applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) video conferencing, and virtual private networks (VPNs) for enterprise VSAT customers in Africa.

An iDirect VSAT network is designed to provide real-time connectivity to allow seamless high-speed access to latency-sensitive business applications such as voice, video and data. iDirect is very popular because of its capacity to deliver high quality and reliable broadband connectivity in rural Africa regardless of the distance, terrain and existing telecommunications infrastructures. Space Engineering Ltd offers additional VSAT satellite connectivity services and value-added services to its customers such as IT consultancy, IP integration and BGP maintenance, maintenance of VSAT Hub centres among others. Our iDirect VSAT solutions are an ideal solution to connect a company’s multiple sites in different location from the headquarters. At Space Engineering Ltd this VSAT service can be accessed throughout Africa over iDirect C-band and iDirect Ku-band as can be seen in our coverage footprints.

“Africa as a continent is on the rise, it is the second largest continent in the world after Asia, in terms of size and populations. Research shows that Africa is one of the fastest growing when it comes to internet connectivity and thus there is a very high demand for faster, reliable and cost effective telecommunication services especially in rural African communities” ~Martin Kivuva
Chief Executive Officer, Space Engineering Ltd

Our iDirect’s VSAT platform is a highly dependable VSAT solution and scalable platform that delivers exceptional bandwidth efficiency and availability allowing for the provision of higher Service Level Agreements to our enterprise customers to meet their growing needs with the highest levels of services, and this is our commitment as a telecommunications service provider in Africa. Space Engineering Ltd is the leading source for a complete range of VSAT satellite communications equipments and services including, VSAT antennas, modems, block up converters, low noise blockers and cables among others.