High Speed Satellite Internet in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent, after Asia in size and population. It’s one of the fastest growing in the world in terms of internet services connectivity and usage especially in mobility telephony which has become more widespread than fixed telephone. Satellite Internet access is particularly more important in remote areas where other means of terrestrial telecommunications services and internet connections are not feasible due to logistical challenges posed by distance, environment and infrastructure development among others.

Internet in Africa through VSAT broadband internet technology has had a transformative effect to rural areas and business expansion to new markets. Evidently there is a very high demand of bandwidth, reliability and efficient internet connection in Africa. Space Engineering Ltd offers high speed internet connectivity that utilizes the latest VSAT Satellite technology making satellite communications available all over Africa. We keenly focus on provision of internet VSAT satellite services and satellite broadband in Africa. Wherever you are we have a solution to provide internet access that meets your internet connectivity needs in Africa. Space Engineering represents endless opportunities in the provision of satellite internet in Africa, that is of high quality to; NGOs, governments, military, oil & gas companies, mining companies, and major corporate organization organizations. This means practical internet access in Africa to rural communities, for instance cybercafés, SMEs, and internet kiosks.

At Space Engineering we do not only provide quality high-speed satellite internet access but also host of value added services and excellent customer support services to our customer who have subscribed to our VSAT services and products. Our superior networks and internet connectivity solutions in Africa coupled with our dedicated and innovative approach, as well as customized VSAT solutions makes us the VSAT Satellite & telecommunications solutions provider of choice in Africa. According to Space Engineering CEO, “satellite internet in Africa, has the greatest opportunity of providing internet access to unlimited number of internet users in Africa faster, and without constraints presented by lack of infrastructure, terrestrial challenges and borders conflicts”.

In the provision of internet to Africa, Space Engineering has a unique advantage because of the established local presence and a team of dedicated technical experts in several African countries. We know our customer’s individual internet needs, we have intimate knowledge of the regional market, and we have the capacity and capability to design custom satellite internet solutions to cater for specific vertical industry.
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