VSAT in Africa

VSAT satellite internet is transforming lives in many regions in Africa; the continent is now interconnected via satellite networks to the rest of the world thanks to Space Engineering Ltd commitment to providing quality VSAT services to NGOs, governments, military, oil & gas companies, mining companies, and major corporate organization organizations in need of remote connectivity for business continuity. The company has tailored made VSAT applications and solutions to solve telecommunications problems unique to the African continent.

VSAT for Africa delivers quality broadband internet connectivity to rural and remotely displaced areas in Africa on C and KU band. Space Engineering Ltd is renowned across Africa for the provision of reliable VSAT satellite connectivity solutions making it possible to transmit data, voice and video securely and in a cost effective manner. As the leading VSAT and IP telecommunication service provider in Africa, Space Engineering Ltd has the capacity and technical capability to provide a complete range of satellite solutions including; VSAT services, disaster recovery, broadband internet, private networks, IP termination services.

Our satellite services are entirely focused on specific sectors of the economy as mentioned above. The following is an overview of how each sector can utilize Space Engineering VSAT satellite solutions and services; NGOs operating in Africa, our VSAT satellite solutions is critical in aiding their operations in remote and isolated locations where other means of telecommunications are poor or non-existent or not feasible at all due a myriad of factors. Our VSAT solution designed for NGOs is easy to step-up and takes minutes to establish a communication centre.

To the military Space Engineering Ltd offers secure, flexible and robust telecommunication infrastructure to support voice, video and data transmission as wells as encrypted BGAN backpack kits.

Space Engineering Ltd offers satellite solutions for oil & gas companies in Africa via a seamless, integrated satellite network solution. Our hybrid, state of the art satellite network provides the following benefits; SCADA Internet and Intranet access; VoIP multi-cast, video conferencing, virtual PBX services, data communication and encryption, and shared bandwidth services.