Unlimited Dedicated Internet

Space Engineering Ltd offers dedicated bandwidth services with guaranteed CIR=MIR for all our clients. These dedicated services are offered on the following platforms:

  • iDirect (X1/X3/X5)
  • SCPC (Comtech/ DMD20
  • Romantis

SCPC/ SCPC Internet and Data Links

Single channel per carrier (SCPC) refers to using a single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. Teleport Africa offers this service to customers who require dedicated, privare satellite connectivity with guaranteed, unrestricted, very reliable bandwidth. This service connects remote sites to the broadband Internet connectivity of Tier-1 Internet providers via high quality satellite links.SCPC/SCPC Service is designed to be extensible; that is, additional bandwidth can be provided as needs increase.

Furthermore, a SCPC network can support high bandwidth capacities and is ideal for all types of communication services (e.g. voice, data and video traffic).Offering two-way dedicated bandwidth, SCPC-SCPC services provide the perfect solutions for businesses with demanding applications, such as VoIP, dedicated data channels, backhaul connectivity, etc


  • Point-to-point Internet connectivity
  • Uses standard Industry equipment that use leading technologies
  • 24/7 FREE OF CHARGE customer support
  • Offers high quality C Band and KU band service that delivers the best performance
  • SCPC/ SCPC service is available on numerous satellites with various geographical footprints

Advantages of SCPC Service

  • simple and reliable technology
  • low-cost equipment
  • any bandwidth (up to a full transponder)
  • easy to add additional receive sites

Minimum Equipment requirements

2.4M C Band antenna , 5W BUC, Comtech 570L Modem, C Band PLL LNB, RG11 Cables and Connectors

SCPC/ DVBS2 Internet and Data Links

Highly effective, the flexible and low-cost SCPC/DVB-S2 delivers Internet access over DVB-S2 standard platform. This solution consists of three main components: Forward Link Subsystem, Return Link Subsystem, and auxiliary added value capabilities. The DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) is an excellent technology for satellite Internet connection with 100% guaranteed bandwidth. The provision of a satellite internet has existed for many years. The new standard, DVB-S2, provides opportunities to improve the performance of IP networks via satellite.

DVB-S2/SCPC means that the technology used in the reception of DVB-S2 and the technology used in the show is SCPC bandwidth of this type of service is 100% guaranteed. the Internet services via DVB-S2 SCPC (DVB-S2/SCPC) satellite are perfect for a client who wishes to have a 100% bandwidth guarantee whose principal use is the Web, email and file transfers. VoIP will work well with the implementation of QoS rules, but it is recommended to take a DVB-S2/SCPC link if the use is 100% VoIP for the use of certain boxes compression is tricky. Highly sensitive to latency transactional applications work better with SCPC / SCPC link even if they work well with DVB-S2/SCPC link. Links running DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) are more and more replacing SCPC / SCPC links as they offer the best quality / price ratio for Internet connections via satellite bandwidth 100% guaranteed.

Key Features

  • Forward (downstream) channel use the DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting) multiplex;
  • Return channel (upstream) works on the standard SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier);
  • Unlike SCPC/SCPC, this solution enables connectivity based on allocated bandwidth from a large pool of bandwidths;
  • Low-cost platform;
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy;
  • Easily upgradeable via remote configuration;
  • High QoS with customized SLA
  • The price of bandwidth is lower than traditional SCPC / SCPC services
  • excellent performance of the reception thanks to the many improvements made by the DVB-S2
  • greater link availability Ku-band in the rain through the ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation) present in the DVB-S2

Minimum Equipment requirements

2.4M C Band antenna , 5W BUC, Comtech 570L Modem, C Band PLL LNB, RG11 Cables and Connectors