VSAT Satellite Uganda

Space Engineering Ltd offers high speed internet connectivity that utilizes the latest VSAT satellite technology making satellite communications available in every corner of Uganda. We have special focus and expertise on provision of VSAT satellite internet services and satellite broadband services in Uganda. At Space Engineering Ltd we have a solution designed to provide internet access that meets your internet connectivity needs anywhere in Uganda.  Whether the required satellite solution is for a small and medium enterprise in need of VSAT connectivity or a major corporate customer in need of a complete turnkey solution, as a solution oriented Telecommunications Company we are committed to deliver the most advanced, practical, reliable and cost-effective VSAT technology solution to rural communities in Uganda.        
We provide versatile and secure VSAT satellite technology which offers high speed internet connectivity to myriad of key vertical  segments  in Uganda including; the military, NGOs, internet service providers, government institutions, medical centres & hospitality, rural broadband, and learning institutions as well to major companies.  Our VSAT satellite communication is available all over Uganda in Africa via C-band and Ku band satellite, which is why we are able to offer high-speed satellite internet service.  For last mile accessibility nothing beats Space Engineering Ltd VSAT satellite services with very high availability about to 99.99% availability guaranteed without the need of laying additional terrestrial infrastructure like underground cables.
Uganda internet access via VSAT Satellite presents endless opportunities and practical means of internet connectivity especially in areas where other means of terrestrial internet access lack, or not reliable or even not feasible solutions. Our rural broadband internet is transforming lives in Uganda as it offers access to data, voice and video applications. VSAT for Uganda delivers quality high-speed satellite internet connectivity to rural and remotely displaced areas via C and KU band. Space Engineering Ltd is leading in the front in the provision of reliable VSAT satellite connectivity solutions cost effectively. As the leading VSAT and IP telecommunication service provider in Africa, Space Engineering Ltd has the capacity and technical capability to provide a complete range of satellite solutions including; VSAT services, disaster recovery, broadband internet, private networks, IP termination services.
VSAT Satellite Services in Uganda via C-band and Ku-band is a game changer in the region’s broadband internet market as the operational costs are minimal compared to prohibitive costs of operating and maintaining newly laid terrestrial wired and wireless networks due to vandalism and sabotage. There many point of failure present in terrestrial networks to be able to offer reliable internet connectivity services. Remarkably, VSAT satellite solutions offer relatively cheaper bandwidth, that is easy to setup, its reliable and can be deployed anywhere in Uganda within no time at all and connect to the internet.